About Tammee’s Closet

Enter into your closet and shut the door to pray to God in secret… (Matthew 6:6 KJV)

My goal in this blog is to encourage you, give you joy, hope and love as it is given to me in my prayer closet with God. Hence the name, “Inside Tammee’s Closet”.

I’m sure you’re wondering who “Tammee” is. My name is Tammee Greer and I am a forty-five-year-old woman from Orange, Texas. I have been married over twenty-six years and am blessed with two adult children and one grandchild. See my page to the right for a full biography.

As a “returning prodigal daughter,” I have learned many lessons from God in my closet resulting from the mistakes I have made and the problems I have dealt with. I am not a perfect Christian as there is no such thing (He is still working on my personality flaws). I simply hope to bless you with the things I have learned in my closet through the years as well as what I am still learning.

I will write on different topics each week. I am not a theologian, pastor, teacher or anything of the sort. I am only a Christian woman who desires to share with you what God speaks to my heart. I desperately want you to experience the same love, help and understanding from God that I do.

Finally, I intend for my post to encourage you and show you the love, joy and hope of God shown to me. I welcome any comments and look forward to any discussions resulting from them. With that being said, welcome to my closet.

I can be reached by email at insidetammeescloset@gmail.com. Please feel free to contact me.

Welcome to my blog.



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